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Here are the welfares in Sanch:

1, special leaves: the legal holidays are fully carried out in Sanch, besides employees could have the leaves according to their served periods, such as annual leave, marriage leave, paternity leave, miscarriage prevention leave and family leave etc.

2, wages: including performance wage, commencement wage, full attendance wage, training wages, wages for outstanding stuffs, development project wages and all kinds of achievement wages.

3, congratulation and bereavement funds: stuffs could have 500.00RMB of marriage found, 200.00RMB for bereavement and 100.00RMB of procreation. Besides, stuffs could apply some gifts or goods according to actual needs.

4, birthday gift certificates: Sanch gives the stuffs gift certificates or holds a party for them when their birthdays are coming.

5, festival gift certificates: for celebrating the festivals (Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Women’s Day, New Year, Spring Festival), Sanch gives stuffs gifts or hold get-together banquets.

6, accommodation and purveyance: free accommodation and free purveyance are offered for the employees (including breakfast, lunch and supper), besides the work overtime allowance, Sanch offers meals supplementary allowance. And public used washing machines are supplied in the dormitory.

7, insurance: Sanch offers ideal personal security, social insurance (5 kinds) and commercial insurance (team life accident insurance) to let the employee families easy from future problems, and let the employees enjoy their work and life. There are fixed period health physical examinations for employees and life healthy knowledge lectures are always held.

8, travelling and activities: stuff travelling plans are schemed carefully every year with the consideration of letting employees enjoy holidays and improving leadership and team spirits. Basketball competitions, Ping-Pong competition, tug-of-war and badminton competition are held once or twice, and winners would get some prizes from Sanch. There are many exercise machines in the gym to enrich after work lives, such as running machine, pool tables, Ping-pong tables, coffee bar and multifunction exerciser.

9, year-end cooperate banquets and parties: department parties, cooperate banquet and tombola are held in every end of the year. These get-togethers are held for rewarding the hardworking of whole stuffs and enjoy the coming of new year together.

10, pay standards: the standards are based on position, position level and education background. The promotion would be given according to company sales, market status and personal contribution.

11, proposal prize: this prize is set for rewarding the improvement proposals.

12, driving license allowance: higher authorities could enjoy this allowance with the copy of driving license and charge vouchers after they gained the license.

13, sales encouragement: Sanch would offer sales mobile work equipments and car if certain amount of sales is reached.

14, work and rest: work from Monday to Friday with day weekends. Call-back pay is offered legally according to the requirements of Labor Law.

15, working environment: environmental friendly and equipped with central conditioning all year round.


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